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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. James A. Howell

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


A wide range of primary and secondary contaminants is found in environmental matrices containing explosive residues. HPLC methodology for the detection of explosive is now standardized in EPA Method 8330, and represents the most common method currently used for explosive analysis. However, co-elution of some of the analytes occurs even using method 8330. As a result, explosive analysis using HPLC have required the use of a confirmation column in an additional analysis step.

In the current work, all of the compounds in the EPA 8330 explosives list were resolved using a single HPLC separation. While the EPA 8330 HPLC conditions and calibrations were retained in the current method, the separation was improved using a two phase column system. Implementation of this improved method has the potential to greatly improve sample throughout and decrease the cost of analysis.

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Chemistry Commons