Ravi Mohan

Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Chemical and Paper Engineering


Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging

First Advisor

Dr. Brian Scheller

Second Advisor

Dr. D. Qi

Third Advisor

Dr. G. Wouch

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The effect of pigment particle interactions in a two-phase system on blade force is investigated. Three coating colors of 0%, 40% , and 55% solids, of the same high shear viscosity and density, were tested for blade force, blade run-in relationship. The Cylindrical Laboratory Coater was used to blade coat the coating on a polyester film. Blade deflection was measured by placing a probe in direct contact with the back side of the blade. A calibration plot between blade force and blade deflection was then used to determine the actual blade forces. A statistical analysis of the data reveals that there is no significant difference between the single phase and two phase system. The viscosity, calculated at an estimated shear rate under the blade, has significant impact on the blade forces. At lower blade run-ins of 5 (5/1000 inch) and 10, the viscosity and blade force of the 0% solids were the greatest, followed by the 40%, and 55% solids. At the blade run-in of 15, the difference in the viscosity of all coating colors was reduced, as was the difference in the blade forces. The blade force of 0% solids was still higher than others. At blade run-in 20, there was no statistically significant evidence of differences in the blade forces and viscosity of all three coating colors.