Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Chemical and Paper Engineering


Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging

First Advisor

Dr. Raja Aravamuthan

Second Advisor

Dr. Said AbuBakr

Third Advisor

Dr. John Cameron

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Linerboards are used for making corrugated boards. The paperboards can be strengthened by adding strength additives at the wet-end of the paper machine and also by sizing them. Impregnation is another effective approach of strengthening the paperboards, mostly offline. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the performance of the modified Dixon coater and check the operating conditions with various chemicals used for impregnating 42 lb/1000 sq.ft grammage linerboard.

The major conclusions of the research were that the edge compression strength increases markedly validating the usage of impregnation for linerboards. Also, the stiffness of linerboard increases and the voids are effectively filled at higher levels of impregnation. The effect on water resistance depends on the nature of the impregnating chemicals; e.g., Kymene increases the water resistance while the hydrophilic starch or calcium lignosulfonate reduces it.