Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. William W. Liou

Second Advisor

Dr. Peter Parker

Third Advisor

Dr. Parviz Merati

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Rigid Capillary Dewatering (RCD) technology is a process in which water is removed from a wet paper web by capillary dewatering action without excessive mechanical compaction of the fiber furnish. Operating conditions on the Rigid Capillary Pressing (RCP) roll, and properties of paper and pulp determines the dewatering behavior of the RCD technology.

The dewatering behavior of the RCD technology is studied in four sets of experiments performed using different operating conditions, on a paper pilot machine at a Western Michigan University (WMU) facility. The solids content of the paper web before and after the RCP roll in the press section for basis weight ranging from 35lb/3000ft2 to 70 lb/3000ft2 , press load ranging from 15 pli to 60 pli. For the operating conditions given above, the change in the solids content can be obtained in the range of -2 to 15%. Moreover, a mathematical model to understand the dewatering behavior of paper web in initial stage of dewatering was derived and solved.