Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Chemical and Paper Engineering


Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging

First Advisor

Dr. Paul D. Fleming III

Second Advisor

Dr. Alexandra Pekarovicova

Third Advisor

Dr. Margaret Joyce

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The most important issue in the current printing industry is managing the perfect color reproduction. Hence, the importance of color management in the printing industry is increasing day by day. Color management saves time and money for color users. With the help of color management, benefits such as accurate onscreen color, output device simulation, gamut checking, and color consistency between devices will reduce the amount of time and materials required to complete color production tasks.

The main purpose of this thesis is to develop ICC profiles and to compare the print quality of ICC profiles generated for different printing devices, including the Shinohara Offset Press, Tektronix Xerox Hot Melt Ink Printer, 8200N, and the HP DesignJet 755 CM wide format inkjet printer using different substrates in the Western Michigan University printing pilot plant. The color gamut of each of the created output profiles is viewed by Chromix ColorThink 2.1.2 software. A Profile with low ΔErms will give better printing results.


Additional files are attached:

  • All uncoated offset excel sheet
  • Average coated offset excel sheet
  • Average uncoated offset excel sheet
  • Delta E for All Coated offset excel sheet
  • Delta E for Avg Offset excel sheet
  • Delta E for HP 755 excel sheet
  • Delta E Tecktronic excel sheet
  • Delta E uncoated Offset excel sheet
  • HP 755 verification excel sheet
  • Offset Profile verification excel sheet
  • Tecktronic Glossy excel sheet
  • Tecktronic Xerox Uncoated excel sheet
  • Tektronic verification excel sheet
  • Coated CMYK tif
  • Coated HPP 755 MachBeth tif
  • Coated Macbeth ColorChecker CMYK tif
  • Coated Macbeth ColorChecker Lab tif
  • Coated offset machbeth tif
  • Glossy TecktronicMacbeth tif
  • High Gloss HP 755 Macbeth tif
  • IT8.7-3 CMYK Target
  • Tektronix Premium Color Macbeth tif
  • Tektronix Premium Color Profile
  • Uncoated CMYK tif
  • Uncoated Macbeth ColorChecker CMYK tif
  • Uncoated Macbeth ColorChecked Lab tif
  • Uncoated Offset Macbeth tif
  • Uncoated tecktronic Macbeth Color tif