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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



The contemporary argument over method reaches into all the traditional diversions of social science, of which political science is no exception. Such names as structure-functionalism, decision theory, systems analysis, behavioralism, and game theory have become commonplace identifications of political methodologies in the twentieth century. And if one consideration has generated this plethora of seemingly novel approaches to the study of politics, it is an epistemological one. Indeed, the argument seems to center around determining that kind of intellectual behavior which will best enable the student to understand political events.


It is proposed in what follows that, in the field of political science, mathematical expression is better than verbal expression as a way of formulating and communicating knowledge. Evidence will be presented in order to determine if, in fact, this proposal is valid. The results of the research may have implications for political theory, research, instruction, and behavior and if such implications obtain they shall be inferred from the results of the research. It is hoped that one result of the study will be a clearer definition of the role of mathematics in political science than is available at present.