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Master of Arts


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology


Educational Studies

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Dr. George G. Mallinson

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Chapter I


Statement of the Problem. To introduce a phase of education designed to help every individual to live healthfully and comfortably, to buy goods and services wisely, and to obtain the greatest use of those goods and services is a tremendous undertaking. Science teachers are in an excellent position to contribute better understanding of the place of the consumer in our social system. It seems logical that a textbook in this field cannot be written which will serve every community with the same degree of effectiveness because the texts are written by authors who are interested in establishing a national demand for their texts and, therefore, cannot arrange their material so that it will fit completely the needs of every community.


From 1939 to the early 1950's, Western offered graduate courses in Kalamazoo in conjunction with the University of Michigan. All degrees were awarded by the University of Michigan.