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Educational Leadership, Research and Technology


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Dr. George G. Mallinson

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Chapter I


The Problem

In spite of the fact that safety education is acquiring a definitive place in elementary school curricula, there are still many secondary school educators who are indifferent to the need of including work in safety in the already crowded school program. However, our modern mode of living with its increased tempo and its concentration of population has intensified daily hazards to such an extent that the school must consider education for safety as part of its program. Time, effort, and money spent on education of children whose lives are to be taken in adolescence by preventable accidents are certainly wasted; surely, in the interests of economy alone, the school is neglecting its duty if it fails to train its pupils for safe living. The 1940 year- book of the American Association of School Administrators, which deals exclusively with the problem of safety education, states that "instruction in safety is an essential part of the modern school's program of producing good citizens."1


From 1939 to the early 1950's, Western offered graduate courses in Kalamazoo in conjunction with the University of Michigan. All degrees were awarded by the University of Michigan.

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