D. John Lucas

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Master of Arts


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology


Educational Studies

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Dr. George G. Mallinson

Second Advisor

Dr. Deyo Fox

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Chapter I

Introduction--Explanation of the Problem

Statement of the Problem.--It has long been the desire of the author to discover for himself and for others whether or not the beneficial experiences of industrial arts, as taught in the Kalamazoo Central High School, are being enjoyed by a typical cross section of the total number of boys enrolled in the school. Is industrial arts benefiting boys who are representative of the total population, or is it proving of benefit to a number who are characteristically different from those not electing it? This problem is one of concern not only to the author but to other fellow teachers and administrators as well. It is one that is immediate and important to the professional planning and attitude of the teachers and also to the welfare of all the male students.


From 1939 to the early 1950's, Western offered graduate courses in Kalamazoo in conjunction with the University of Michigan. All degrees were awarded by the University of Michigan.

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