Cleo Chapekis

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Master of Arts


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology


Educational Studies

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Dr. George G. Mallinson

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Chapter I

The Problem and Its Background


Man is a social or group animal. With few exceptions all the activities in which he indulges depend on the cooperation, presence, and in many cases the assistance of other men. Thus it can be seen that man is likely to seek the association of others so that his activities may be carried on more effectively.

The social function of man is illustrated in the comment of Cole and Bruce, that follows:1

"From the moment the child is born, and never ceasing thereafter throughout his life, his social environment teaches him to want human things...the social environment canalizes the need tensions until the developing child makes very specific claims upon his world, seeks a specific type of role and goal."


From 1939 to the early 1950's, Western offered graduate courses in Kalamazoo in conjunction with the University of Michigan. All degrees were awarded by the University of Michigan.

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