Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. William Charland

Second Advisor

Dr. Christina Chin

Third Advisor

James Hopfensperger, M.F.A.


Inclusion, art, design, adaptive, curriculum

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Art classrooms in a secondary public school tend to be a place where students feel inspired to be creative, improve social skills and self-esteem. But what about those who have a learning disability? If the art educator establishes a positive and safe learning environment, all students, including those requiring adaptations can create meaningful work. Do art teachers feel prepared to guide students who require extra attention? How can pre-service teachers enter the profession feeling more qualified instructing these students? This thesis explores the support of inclusion in the high school art room by defining what an ideal collaboration might look like between the general and special education teachers. Lesson plans will incorporate the National Core Arts Standards, and will include an art curriculum outlining accommodations, modifications & differentiation.

Lessons in this model curriculum will encompass creative approaches to art and design. Projects include setting up a color wheel, a monochromatic painting, linoleum-cut printmaking, torn paper collage, a ceramic sgraffito unit, melted wax craypen art, a repeat pattern lesson and an Adobe Spark digital portfolio. Each lesson will include plans to implement accommodations or modifications and a participation rubric, which can be turned into a percentage for non-general education students.