Opening Old Bottles in Search of New Wine: The Story of Imperial Modernity in Qatar with Special Reference to Gender Inequality, 1980-1994

Date of Award


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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Vincent Lyon-Callo

Second Advisor

Dr. Douglas V. Davidson

Third Advisor

Dr. Donald F. Cooney

Fourth Advisor

Social change, modernization and modernity, Qatar, women status, gender inequality

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Masters Thesis-Abstract Only

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Corn, says Charlie Leduff (2013), does not grow alone and by the same token, research does not conduct and write itself in absolute isolation from the assistance of others. Hence, if the corn needs water, sun, and other fertilizer be it chemical or natural, the idea of this research has started and grown through extensive readings that helped to establish the base for an epistemological dialogue with the social reality and through discussions with colleagues. Now and at the end of this intellectual and research journey, I want to record my sincere thanks and appreciation first to the committee chairperson Professor Vincent Lyon-Callo for his guidance, encouragement and advice throughout all the time while I have been working on this project. In fact, by doing that, Professor Lyon-Callo did not make this cultural journey only possible, but a cultural privilege indeed and enjoyable task as well. I also owe a great debt of appreciation to Professor Douglass Davidson and Professor Donald Conney who have significantly influenced my intellectual itinerary and growth through reading the manuscript several times and providing me with their insightful feedback. Also, it is a pleasure for me to record my thanks and appreciation for the assistance and support I received from my daughter Tofol Al Nasr who read this research, since it was a proposal of only two pages and kept following up until it took the current shape. I would like also to thank all those who helped me in this cultural endeavor especially Mr. Ali Sadiq and Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Haj from Qatar University Library and Mr. Ali Al Shahwani from the Ministry of Developmental Planning and Statistic

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