The Genuine Purpose of the Polity

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Master of Arts


Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. Jacinda Swanson

Second Advisor

Dr. Emily Hauptmann

Third Advisor

Dr. John Clark


Polity, purpose of the polity

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Masters Thesis-Abstract Only

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This thesis aims at investigating the purpose of the political community or the reason for its existence. Since time immemorial, philosophers have been excogitating over the raison d’etre of the polity. I look at what some Greco-Roman philosophers, medieval philosophers, and contemporary thinkers postulate as the reason for the existence of the political community. As Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine, I trace the origin of the government at the end of the prelapsarian time—the time before the Fall of Mankind. In addition, I examine the challenges that human beings face trying to erect law and regulations that will be their governing principles after the departure from the state of innocence. Finally, I argue that the fundamental purpose of the polity is the elevation of the conscience of the populace, the inculcation of virtue, and the betterment of the collective well-being. These three enumerated elements of the thesis will enable the political community to be harmonious, orderly, and peaceful; because virtue and conscience will reign supreme.

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