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Master of Arts



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Dr.Maria Cristina Fava

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Dr. Lauron J. Kehrer

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Michael Duffy

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Dr. Rebecca Castellanos


Latin American Baroque music, Baroque Villancico, music history, sacred music, Latin American Baroque composers

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


The Baroque Villancico is a popular genre in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula that reflects a history of musical and cultural intersection. Chapel masters composed an extensive work of sacred villancicos to perform in Cathedrals during religious ceremonies and festivities. In the twentieth and twentieth first centuries, the Latin American Baroque villancico has been a growing interest by many musicologists. J. Peter Burkholder, author of the current eighth edition of the Norton Anthology of Western Music and ninth of A History of Western Music, addresses the existence of the villancico which has never been mentioned in previous textbooks. Integrating the Latin American villancicos in the Baroque music history studies would broaden future musician’s knowledge of other musical innovations and diverse creativities.

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