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Master of Arts



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Dr. Christina Chin

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Adriane Little

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Nichole Maury


Art education, museum education, visual arts, lesson plan, middle school

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Many schools offer visual arts as an elective, so an art field trip could be seen as a fun reward instead of a required component of the curriculum. However, certain evidence has contradicted this idea. For instance, students who are able to visit an art museum, view original artworks, and discover the process of real artists have displayed long-term benefits. The latter range from enhanced behaviors, questioning, critical thinking, and empathy in students after visiting an art museum. This paper is a study of how an art museum’s educational resources can benefit and be implemented into a school setting. First, this work examines studies that followed students in kindergarten through twelfth grade in the United States who visited an art museum, participated in student-led discussions, and viewed original artwork that was not shown through reproductions. In addition to reviews of research, this study includes a set of lessons based on the Indiana State Standards for Visual Arts in the middle school grades. The lesson presented in this paper can be applied to schools in both rural and suburban areas and to broad a range of budgets and class sizes.

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