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Master of Arts


Science Education


business-sponsored films, source lists, physical sciences

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


For many years business-sponsored films have been used widely in instruction in the science classroom. Because of the potential of the films in helping teachers bridge the gap between the fundamental teaching of scientific principles, and the applications found in the actual experiences of the student's consumer world, requests for them have often exceeded the output of those that are educationally sound. In the last decade in particular, the development of atomic and space technology, as well as the growing interest in science, have made it necessary to teach science beyond the confines of information in the ordinary science textbook. Thus, teachers have found it difficult to teach science adequately without help in the form of visual aids from business-sponsors.

On the other hand, the wide use of business-sponsored films has created many problems for the administrators. They must decide whether the materials are educationally sound or whether they are merely vehicles. of propaganda. Thus, much has been written recently by school administrators and business leaders in an attempt to encourage the improvement of the films for educational use. In some cases, concrete action has been taken by groups of educational and business personnel to establish some type of criteria for the development of business-sponsored films for school use. Without doubt, however, there is still a great need for more and better visual materials of this kind.