Date of Award


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Master of Music



First Advisor

Dr. Richard Adams

Second Advisor

Dr. Robbert Ricci

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


In composing MOVE! I wanted to combine the rhythmic excitement and improvisational elements of jazz music with the refined developmental techniques found in classical music. Rather than simply borrow jazz harmonies and sounds for use in a classical composition, or compose music in a classical style for a jazz ensemble, I tried to create music where both traditions are represented equally.

Each of the movements in the suite approach the combination of these ideas differently. The suite begins out by Shout, a fanfare in a jazz style. Shout takes its name from the shout chorus of many swing tunes. Unlike most jazz ballads, Wail contains no improvised lines. Instead, this movement is developed from longer melodic ideas written to sound improvised. Bounce explores the rhythmic aspects of the jazz style through constantly shifting accents and uneven meters. Moan repeats a single melody three times, each time setting against different harmonies and orchestral textures. Finally, Jump is influenced by the Kansas City style riff-based compositions. There are two motives (riffs) that are altered and combined in a classical manner. Jump also includes an improvised solo that requires the player to begin and end with a specific development of the thematic material.

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Composition Commons