Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Music



First Advisor

C. Curtis-Smith

Second Advisor

Dr. Matthew Steel

Third Advisor

Dr. Richard Adams

Fourth Advisor

Dr. David S. Smith

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


This orchestra piece consists of two movements inspired by the beauty and power of nature. The entire piece uses colorful orchestration and sensitive harmonic language as a palette to draw nature's colors.

As I began sketching out the first movement in early spring, every living creature was gradually emerging from its winter slumber, bringing bright colors into the world. The green grass appeared under the white snow, brown trees tum green, and many yellow daffodils and white tulips started to blossom. This first movement uses lyrical dialogues between strings and the orchestra to express the romantic emotions of spring's blossoms.

The second movement reminds us of nature's anger where spring' s dark rain and sparking thunderstorms ruthlessly pound the budding flowers. After the destructive storm, everything returns to a calm state and the following morning's floral fragrance quietly spreads through the air again. This movement primarily uses two rhythmic motives to build the music's energy.

01 Blossom.wav (73810 kB)

02 Spark of Darkness.wav (61751 kB)

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Composition Commons