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Master of Music



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Brian L. Wilson

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Mary A. Scovel

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Daniel A Sheldon

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


The level of familiarity with and utilization of CQI by music therapists was studied in this paper. CQI is an objective form of measurement which focuses on process and system as the root of quality control problems.

A total of 200 surveys were mailed to members of the National Association for Music Therapy on a random basis. The survey dealt with the level of familiarity with CQI including terminology and accountability methods, as well as the level to which music therapists are utilizing CQI in their practices.

The results showed that though only 36% ((n ≥ 59) of the respondents were currently involved in CQI, 75% (n=98) felt they required more training in CQI. A significant relation was found between job site and participation in CQI, population served and implementation of CQI, and between accrediting agency and participation in CQI studies. Eighty percent of the respondents (n=103) felt that CQI was important to the profession of music therapy.

The results indicated that music therapists do consider CQI important to the profession of music therapy and that there is a need for further training in this area.

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