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Master of Music



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Dr. David S. Smith

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Dr. Richard O'Hearn

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Dr. David Sh

Fourth Advisor

Brian L. Wilson

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


The histories of music therapy programs at colleges and universities in the United States have not been widely researched and documented. The purpose of this study was to examine the history of the music therapy program at Western Michigan University from its origin and development until 1980. Specifically, the author was interested in learning what conditions existed that were favorable to the creation of a music therapy program, the chronological progress of the music therapy program (including the individuals responsible for the program's inception and development), and development and changes in curricula that demonstrated responsiveness to music therapy practice and healthcare delivery. In addition to oral histories of individuals directly involved with the music therapy program at Western Michigan University, sources included the Regional Archives of the Great Lakes Region, American Music Therapy Association (located at the Harper C. Maybee Music and Dance Library at Western Michigan University); and the Regional History Collection and Archives at Western Michigan University. These sources indicate that the Western Michigan University School of Music provided a welcome environment for a music therapy program to begin and grow

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