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Masters Thesis-Open Access


In this thesis an attempt has been made to discuss and clarify some aspects of piano group instruction and individual piano teaching. The writer has tried to examine the relative advantages and goals of each and to point out some of their pitfalls and problems. An attempt has been made to emphasize the tremendously important role which the teacher plays in group sessions, as well individual lessons. The different abilities, character1stics levels, age groups and future plans of the students have been taken in to consideration. Outlines of group lessons for beginners and an example of an individual lesson have contributed to the discussion and clarification of the topic.

As a result of his investigation, the author presents his own opinion of an ideal teaching situation based on the research done in this paper and personal teaching experience. A combination of both group instruction and the individual lesson are essential in the development of a broad musical background, a refined musicianship, and a cultivated art of piano playing.