Date of Award


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Master of Arts


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


This study addresses the issue of implementation of a reform mathematics curriculum, focusing on one teacher's personal experience. Its purpose is to uncover what motivated this teacher to persist in learning new ways to teach mathematics. There is greater emphasis on discovering what discouraged this effort. Impediments to implementation are emphasized because of their potential to undermine the movement to restructure mathematics education.

This case study used common methods of qualitative data gathering and analysis. Interviews, observation, and video tapes were recorded, transcribed, and analyzed. The impediments to implementation which emerged were then compared to reports from similar reform projects.

The findings of this study indicate that this teacher's efforts to implement a reform mathematics curriculum faced many impediments. It concludes by urging others to pursue research on this subject and recommends that it be used to inform developers and prospective users of reform curricula. Reproduced