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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Douglas Johnson

Second Advisor

Dr. Heather McGee

Third Advisor

Dr. Stephanie Peterson


Coaching, sales, feedback, modeling, contingent

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Masters Thesis-Abstract Only

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Prior literature indicates that although the sales function of an organization is a critical element for its success, there is a lack of research on specific actions managers can take to influence sales subordinates. Coaching was proposed as an effective alternative to selection and training given the multidimensional nature of this approach, which incorporates prompting, feedback, and evaluation. The purpose of the present study was to assess the effects of a coaching package combined with incentives on sales performance, with performance being defined by (a) the average percent of critical behaviors performed by the telemarketer during each “opportunity” (b) the average percent of pending sales completed by the telemarketer out of the number of “opportunities” and (c) the average percent of successful phone sales completed by the telemarketer out of the number of “opportunities” for telemarketing personnel in a company setting. Following the implementation of the coaching package, there was a substantial increase in critical behaviors performed, pending sales set, and final sales completed by all four telemarketers. The results of the intervention proved coaching to be an effective approach which ultimately helps clarify what managers can do specifically to increase the behaviors and results produced by their sales team.