Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Music



First Advisor

Dr. Edward A. Roth

Second Advisor

Dr. David S. Smith

Third Advisor

Dr. Ann Chapleau

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The purpose of this study was to investigate perceptual differences of the AMTA Professional Competencies between music therapy pre-interns and internship supervisors in the Great Lakes Region. The participants (N = 33) were 19 pre-interns and 14 internship supervisors at AMTA Approved internship sites and academic programs. This 32 question survey study utilized a Likert-type 5-point scale that required the participant to rate their perceived need for assistance from little to no need for assistance to very high need for assistance. Results showed that pre-interns and supervisors differ significantly on the subjects of “Leading and accompanying on guitar and piano” (p = .029), “Understanding the facility’s intern evaluation process” (p = .001) and “Demonstrating Functional Piano Skills” (p = .006). Results also showed that pre-interns reported the highest need for assistance on “Finding out what will be expected of me as an intern” (M = 3.526) and “Understanding the facility’s intern evaluation process” (M = 3.526). Supervisors reported that their typical interns require the most assistance on “Assessing client needs” (M = 3.574) and “Facilitating group discussions” (M = 3.714). Limitations and recommendations for future research are included.

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Music Therapy Commons