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Master of Music



First Advisor

Dr. Ramon Zupko

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Amethyst Remembrance for mezzo soprano, chamber choir and orchestra is comprised of two texts from two different sources. The text The Jewel: a poem written by Emily Dickinson and Mary Ann: a traditional Scottish ballad are interwoven and shared by the chamber choir and the mezzo soprano. This work explores the relationships between the folk and artistic modes of expressing similar human experiences. A love's sad farewell is the chosen subject of both texts. Specific melodic material designated for each text is introduced separately at the beginning. "Tune I", representing the Dickinson text is composed of original material, whereas "Tune II" is derived from the "Mary Ann" ballad. By interchanging, superimposing, integrating and developing the two melodic material sets between instrumental groups, common ground relationships are discovered. The large percussion section which includes a cimbalom, (Hungarian hammered dulcimer) plays an integral role of connecting "Tune I" to "Tune II" by including aspects of both tunes in its texture.

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