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Master of Arts

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


This study examines the drop-off recycling program in Knox County, Tennessee, in order to evaluate the convenience of the drop-off site locations. Measures of convenience were distance, level of recycling participation, and location of the site. Surveys were administered to 461 individuals participating in the program at the three Convenience Centers with drop-off recycling facilities. The spatial analysis compared the drop-off locations to the development patterns of the surrounding area.

The survey results indicate that more people are recycling now than before the beginning of the drop-off program. More than half of those surveyed recycle at least once a week and are willing to travel farther to the site than they are presently travelling. The spatial analysis indicated the drop-off sites were located in high density development areas. It was concluded that the location of the recycling drop-off sites is convenient to Knox County residents.