Date of Award


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Master of Science


Geological and Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. William Harrison III

Second Advisor

Dr. John Grace

Third Advisor

Dr. David Barnes

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Three lithofacies in the Lower Engadine Group, and four lithofacies in the Manistique Group were identified. Facies patterns suggest a transgression during deposition of the Manistique Group and Lower Engadine Group.

Environments of deposition were determined by analysis of facies found in the Lower Engadine and Manistique Groups using available cores, petrophysical logs, and well cuttings. The diagenetic sequence of events was identified using thin sections.

Diagenesis has greatly altered original fabric and porosity. Hydrocarbon accumulation in these units is dependent on facies distribution, diagenesis, and structural features.

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Geology Commons