Multiobjective Optimization Problem with Variational Inequality Constraints

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We study a general multiobjective optimization problem with variational inequality, equality, inequality and abstract constraints. Fritz John type necessary optimality conditions involving Mordukhovich coderivatives are derived. They lead to Kuhn-Tucker type necessary optimality conditions under additional constraint qualifications including the calmness condition, the error bound constraint qualification, the no nonzero abnormal multiplier constraint qualification, the generalized Mangasarian-Fromovitz constraint qualification, the strong regularity constraint qualification and the linear constraint qualification. We then apply these results to the multiobjective optimization problem with complementarity constraints and the multiobjective bilevel programming problem.

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Ye, J., Zhu, Q. Multiobjective optimization problem with variational inequality constraints. Mathematical Programing, Ser. A 96, 139–160 (2003).