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Constructivism is a concept that in recent years has garnered considerable attention among science education researchers. Essentially, it is a model or metaphor of how learning takes place. prominent science educators have called it a most promising model and a theoretical shift that may lead to a coalescing of current thought as well as the simulation of new ideas. I do not believe this is hyperbole. The potential significance of constructivism has already extended beyond research and into the science classroom. References to constructivism appear ever more frequently in the literature, however, often with little or only trivial discussion of the philosophical meaning of constructivism. My purpose in this article is to acquaint teachers with the philosophical roots of constructivist thought enabling them to better understand this expanding literature. First, however it is necessary to offer a word or two about Piagetian cognitive development theory which has dominated educational thinking for some years now.


SLCSP Paper # 111

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Cobern, William W. "Constructivism for Science Teachers." Science Education International 6.3: 8-12. Electronic.