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This trip was one of the most fun and impactful trips I have ever taken. Soon I will consider coming back to visit this wonderful place. We visited the Congress of the Dominican Republic; I loved learning about the cultural differences here and the social injustices we discussed. I felt very honored to be here and getting to meet with the congressional members while touring the building. The event that I found most meaningful was when we visited a middle school. I say this because the children there were in a very underdeveloped educational setting, which saddened me the most. However, the children here were very friendly and so sincere, and welcoming to us all. I felt very blessed to spend a part of the day with them and create photo collages with them too. These children really touched my heart, and learning about the schooling system here increased my knowledge about schools and boards in different countries. Studying abroad is something I will consider doing again in the upcoming fall.