About This Journal

The Medieval Globe (TMG) is a peer-reviewed journal launched in November of 2014 with a special issue on the Black Death as a global pandemic. It explores the modes of communication, materials of exchange, and myriad interconnections among regions, communities, and individuals in an era central to human history.

TMG promotes scholarship in three related areas of study:

  • The direct and indirect means by which peoples, goods, and ideas came into contact
  • The deep roots of global developments
  • The ways in which perceptions of the medieval past have been (and are) constructed around the world.

Contributions to a global understanding of the medieval period need not encompass the globe in any territorial sense. The Medieval Globe advances a new theory and praxis of medieval studies by bringing into view phenomena that have been rendered practically or conceptually invisible by anachronistic boundaries, categories, and expectations: these include polities, networks, affinity groups, artistic influences, identities, bodies of knowledge, faiths, and forms of association.

TMG invites submissions that analyze actual or potential connections, trace trajectories and currents, address topics of broad interest, or pioneer portable methodologies.

For more information, please visit TMG's webpage.