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This resource is a digital audio recording of an extended individual interview that took place in Barcelona, Spain, in 2017. The interview was conducted in Spanish. Topics covered focus on language and society in contemporary Catalonia. The person interviewed had previously collaborated with the interviewer as a fieldworker to study language attitudes and uses in her own naturally-occurring personal social network in Barcelona. In 1995, as a participant observer, the interviewer carried out fieldwork with members of that social network. The interviewer is the principal investigator on a research project concerning the Spanish spoken in and around Barcelona by members of The Generation of 1995, the first generation of Catalans ever educated in their heritage language to grow up in a democratic Spain. The extended portion of the interview includes a retrospective discussion about how ways of speaking and language ideologies may have changed between 1995 and 2017 for those who, in 1995, were members of the social network studied. The person interviewed has given informed consent for this resource to be made available anonymously for research purposes. No identifying information has been found in this resource.

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Elicited discourse, Planned discourse, Interview

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Other ad hoc social group


The following individuals contributed to the creation of this resource.
Principal investigators: Vann, Robert E.
Interviewers: Vann, Robert E.
Fieldworkers: N/A
Speakers: S1-FW (female, 42 years of age) + Vann, Robert E.
Audio recorders: Vann, Robert E.
Videographers: N/A
Audio technicians: Rodriguez Sánchez, Enrique + Vann, Robert E.
Other research assistants: Rodríguez Sánchez, Enrique

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Barcelona, District of Sant Andreu

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143 minutes, 14 seconds

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ES1-FW (Extended Interview with S1-FW)

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