Group conversation M2-08_Audio recording, Vann corpus 1995

Form of language representation

Audio recording

Resource description

The resource is an audio recording of friends speaking Spanish in Barcelona, Spain, in 1995. The recording is of a young woman getting together for coffee and conversation with two friends from her naturally-occurring social network, along with the principal investigator, a recent addition to the social network. The group conversation was recorded in the home of the principal investigator.

Genres of the communicative event represented

Colloquial discourse, Elicited discourse, Planned discourse

Nature of social group represented

Naturally occurring social network


The following individuals contributed to the creation of this resource.
Principal investigators: Vann, Robert E.
Interviewers: N/A
Fieldworkers: M
Speakers: M1-04 (female, 23 years of age) + M1-23 (male, 23 years of age) + Fieldworker M (female, 23 years of age) + Vann, Robert E. (male, 25 years of age)
Audio recorders: Vann, Robert E.
Audio technicians: Vann, Robert E.
Metadata creators: de Andrés Marquiegui, María + Ovalle Lopez, Diana Sofía + Rodríguez Sánchez, Enrique + Vann, Robert E.

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Date recorded


Date resource was last revised


Place recorded

Sarrià, Barcelona

Length of resource (minutes or pages)

92 minutes, 9 seconds

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