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Doctor of Philosophy


Public Affairs and Administration


College campus police administrators operate in a complex administrative environment that produces difficult leadership challenges. In order to manage these challenges, police administrators need to possess certain leadership competencies. This study fills a gap in the academic literature by examining the perceptions of campus law enforcement administrators in the United States as to the kinds of leadership challenges they face, and the nature of the leadership competencies needed to manage these challenges. A nationwide survey of college campus police administrators at four-year colleges and universities was conducted to (1) explore their perceptions regarding the major leadership challenges they currently face, and those they anticipate facing during the next ten years; and (2) identify the leadership competencies they perceived police administrators should possess to manage the current and future leadershipchallenges. Campus police administrators identified technological needs, homeland security threats and human resources considerations as the greatest challenges for current and future campus police administrators. Organizational leadership skills, administrative skills and legal awareness knowledge were identified as being the most important leadership competency areas needed in order to successfully manage the major leadership challenges today and in the future. The leadership competencies identified in this study can be included in a model of leadership training for campus police administrators.

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