Date of Award


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Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff

Second Advisor

Dr. Dale Brethower

Third Advisor

Dr. Jianping Shen


Transfer of training is defined as the degree to which trainees apply, in their jobs, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they gained in training. Research regarding transfer of training has called training effectiveness into question. For example, Baldwin and Ford (1988) reported average transfer rates typically in the 10% range.

The study tested the effectiveness of particular procedures and tools intended to enhance transfer of training. These transfer enhancing tools were employed by an experimental group of trainees’ supervisors (who received training from the researcher in the application of the tools) before a half-day problem-solving training workshop for their employees commenced, and after their return from the training. The supervisor interventions were intended to increase the trainees’ understanding of how the training was linked to company business goals, and also to help them focus their learning on specific post-training behaviors that would increase the business impact of the training. The experimental group of trainees themselves, during the training, also employed similar tools with a similar purpose.

The training was conducted in a West Michigan manufacturing company with about $200 million in sales and more than 800 employees. Data were collected from 62 trainees and their respective 21 supervisors using survey and interview methods before, during, and after the training.

The study concluded that the transfer enhancement tools and procedures did in fact lead to positive impact The transfer enhancing interventions were associated with a positive increase in the transfer support climate. Further, the experimental group of trainees reported more usage of the training in specific job applications that had been targeted before the training as those applications most likely to lead to business impact.

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