Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff

Second Advisor

Dr. Dale M. Brethower

Third Advisor

Dr. Charles C. Warfield


The problem addressed by this stud y was to develop a manual that could be used by organizations to evaluate their performance appraisal systems. Evaluation was defined as comparing what is to be evaluated with some standard. The problem involved developing a standard that could be used to evaluate the system design of an organization, developing evaluation procedures, and identifying the risks associated with design discrepancies.

A performance appraisal system design was developed for use as a standard which incorporated common practices and the concepts of authorities in the field. The design identified the critical inputs, processes, and objectives of an appraisal system. This design was tested for theoretical soundness by 17 theorists, consultants, and practitioners in the fields of appraisal and performance improvement. The results of this test indicated that all of the parts of the design are necessary for the successful functioning of an appraisal system. However, some modification was needed to avoid differences of interpretation. The test also indicated that two processes should be added to the system design.

The revised system design was used as the standard in the development of the manual for evaluating appraisal systems. The manual provided a description of the system design, evaluation procedures, and the risks associated with design discrepancies. The manual was given a practical test by 11 organizations. The results of this test indicated that the manual can be used successfully by the human resource "professionals" of an organization to evaluate the design of their appraisal system. The manual can also be used as a basis for training programs for the personnel of organizations.

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Dissertation-Campus Only