Aims & Scope


GrandFamilies balances quality, evidence- based research with sound scholarship, knowledge, skills and best practices from the field for scholars, clinicians, policymakers, program administrators, and family advocates. Editors encourage articles that represent new or emerging theoretical perspectives or research methodologies, the utility of new practice strategies, and the effects of public policy on family well-being. Works that expand global knowledge and understanding about custodial grandparents, their grandchildren, or the entire family group are particularly encouraged for submission. At present, studies that relate to other forms of relative caregiving without incorporating grandparent-headed families are less encouraged. Occasionally, the journal features book reviews, monographs, commentaries, study briefs, dissertation abstracts on important subject matter related to grandparent caregiving.


GrandFamilies: The Contemporary Journal of Research, Practice and Policy is the first online peer-review journal to promote the status of grandparent-headed families. Our goal is to enhance the well-being of grandparent-headed families through high-quality research and practice, which informs sound policy. The journal has three primary objectives to: (1) feature standards of excellence for research and practice related to grandparent-headed families; (2) foster new and innovative practice methods for serving custodial grandparents and their grandchildren; (3) promote policy content that advances national and international perspectives of issues affecting grandparent-headed families. To meet these objectives the journal incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge-building, including sociology, psychology, nursing, aging, social work, law, child development, family sciences and, education. Each journal issue will introduce a theme that highlights perspectives across multiple disciplines, essential to both national and international audiences.