We are pleased to announce GrandFamilies is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2024! It has been ten years since the first issue was published in 2014. We are very proud of the journal’s success due to the many researchers, service practitioners and policy reviewers who, over this decade, consider GrandFamilies a preferred publication outlet to disseminate new and original knowledge on grandparent-headed families.

We thank our readership for their loyalty to the journal, which to date spans 165 countries, clearly demonstrating the journal’s global impact! Our readers are primarily from academic institutions, government agencies, public service organizations, and commercial groups.

Certainly, this journal could not exist without our editorial board members, manuscript reviewers, and editorial staff. Their efforts reflect their commitment to the journal, its values and mission.

What’s next?...

Over the next decade, we will continue to focus on the remarkable research, practice initiatives and policy reviews that provide such a wealth of new knowledge and important insight to support grandparent-headed families, both nationally and internationally. We welcome and encourage our supporters to submit articles for our Fall, 2024 special anniversary issue. If you just discovered GrandFamilies, we invite you to consider submitting your work to the journal, becoming a manuscript reviewer or serving on the editorial board. The journal continues to grow, and as we move into our second decade, we hope you will continue the journey with us.

The Editorial Board and Staff