Date of Defense




First Advisor

Dr. Richard Plank

Second Advisor

Dr. Thomas Gossman

Third Advisor

Dr. David Flanagan


The reason for choosing communication is that many corporations are expanding to multinational levels, standing across country borders and geographical boundaries. Each country within Europe, Asia, and North America tends to have some kind of cultural difference when it comes to how it communicates within its companies. These companies communicate (both downward and upward) in different ways based on how their cultural values dictate. I will use Hofstede's theory to try and explain why these differences occur.

I have chosen Sweden and France as two European countries that are culturally different, and therefore different in business structure. These countries are in some way intermeshed with companies and consumers in the United States. Due to this inter-dependence, understanding corporate and cultural differences, on a generic level is important. Therefore, studying these three countries can give a better understanding of how multinational companies can do business on a global basis.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only