Date of Defense

Fall 12-8-1995



First Advisor

Richard Planck, Marketing

Second Advisor

Pamela Rooney, Business Information Systems

Third Advisor

Joseph Reish, Lee Honors College


Globalization is a given trend in business. Discussions of the need for a global perspective can be found in the Harvard Business Review already in the late 1960s. A global perspective helps businesses wishing to export better understand their customers across borders. Non-exporting companies can react more quickly or plan more effectively with a knowledge of how global events impact their suppliers and costs. Although the globalization topic is not new, the realization of global marketplace is occurring more quickly than before due to international mergers, global media, and minimal political restrictions. Relatively little literature is available which has tested the suitability of sales management tools in Germany. It is then beneficial to begin with an extensive discussion of available literature in three areas: basic areas of sales management, cross cultural theories, and multidisciplinary studies. This discussion is followed with a description of a small sample survey attempting to identify significant areas of differences. Proposed guidelines for adaptation and conclusions regarding the implications of transferring salesperson evaluation techniques across cultures bring the paper to a close.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only