Table of Contents

  • Editorial - BOB LEIGHIINGER
  • Call For Papers
  • A Composite Model for Interorganizational Strategies - DONALD E. MAYPOLE
  • Comparing Employed and Unemployed Welfare Recipients: A Discriminant Analysis - BECKY L. GLASS
  • The Utilization of a Performance Based Curriculum Design in Graduate Social Work
  • Inside and Outside the For-Profit Nursing home: Some External Determinants of Inside
  • Power Relations - CEDRIC HERRISG
  • Solving the Effectiveness Dilemma: How Can An Informal Network Create Change? - ROBERT W. COLEMAN, MARK BARTON
  • Regional Reference Groups in the Spreading of Occupational Licensing Policies Among the
  • States: An Exploratory Study - TIMOTHY W. LAUSE
  • Rejected Families: Established and Innovative Structures of Service - JOSEPH R. STEINER
  • Program in Social work With Groups: A Jungian Perspective - HERMAN BORENZWEIG
  • Community Representation and Empowerment in Long Term Care Settings: The Case of The Nursing Home Patient Ombudsman - ABHAHAM MONK, LENARD W. KAYE
  • Meaning in Work: Toward a Clinical Approach to Work Dissatisfaction - SHIMSHON M. NEIKRUG
  • A Qualitative Look at Black Female Social Work Educators - LARRY DAVIS, RAMON CARTWRIGHT, PHYLLIS FREEMAN, LOUIS CARTER
  • In Judgement of Victims: A Social Context of Rape - JOYCE E. WILLIAMS, KAREN A. HOLMES
  • Definitional Dilemmas and the Baccalaureate Generalist - FRANK R. BASKIND

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