Table of Contents

  • Social Action Organization Participation and Personal Change in the Poor - Part I - ROBERT D. HERMAN
  • The Expanding Array of Human Service Personnel - EDWARD A. BRAWLEY
  • Racial Inequities in the Delivery of Social Services - JAMES D. CHESNEY, RAFAEL JACOB ENGEL
  • Women and Voluntary Blood Donations - ERNIE S. LIGHTMAN
  • Medical Democracy In A Health Systems Agency: The Role of Staff - JAMES LATIMORE
  • Deinstitutionalization: A Review of the Literature With Implication for Social Work Training and Practice in Rural Areas - VICKI LAWRENCE YOUNG, JOHN S. WODARSKI, JEFFREY GIORDANO
  • The Practicum Instructor: A Study of Role Expectations - BEVERLY J. HARTUNG
  • Current Training Needs in Public Social Services: Impact on Schools of Social Work - DAVID C. PRITCHARD
  • Sexual Harassment of Blue Collar Workers - DONALD E. MAYPOLE, ROSEMARIE SKAINE
  • Distributed Data Processing: A Timely Approach for Social Welfare Agencies - SUMIT SIRCAR, DICK SCHOECH, LAWRENCE L. SCHKADE
  • Long-Term Trends in Public Concerns in Two Societies - RACHEL KATS
  • Data Needs of Social Service Agencies: A Case Study of Fort Worth, Texas - ROSE M. RUBIN
  • Dissemination of Research Reports and Other Publications to Social Workers - SUSAN WHITELAW DOWNS
  • Scientific Ideologies and Conceptions of Drinking Behavior and Alcoholism - KEITH M. KILTY

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