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Masters Thesis-Open Access


After initial exposure to 80 mg/kg ethosuximide, pigeons trained in a two-key drug discrimination procedure rapidly learned to discriminate 120 mg/kg ethosuximide from saline. When 40 to 160 mg/kg doses of ethosuximide were administered during generalization tests, the percentage of the responses directed to the ethosuximide-appropriate key varied directly with dose. Time-effect determinations revealed that the discriminable properties of ethosuximide were evident as early as 15 min after, and as late as 2 hrs after, intramuscular injection. The discriminative stimulus properties of ethosuximide failed to generalize to the anticonvulsant compounds clonazepam (0.5-4 mg/kg), methsuximide (25-200 mg/kg), and phenytoin (5-15 mg/kg). Generalization was apparent with certain doses of primidone (250, 300 mg/kg) and mepheytoin (80, 160, 240 mg/kg). The concomittant administration of pentylenetetrazol (5, 10, 20 mg/kg) partially blocked the discriminable properties of the training dose of the ethosuximide.

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