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The purpose of this paper is to trace the history of Fort St. Joseph. In the process, I shall try to show Fort St. Joseph's historical setting in international and regional economics and politics. Regional and international events are included when necessary for this understanding.

Certain difficulties confront the researcher when he undertakes a study of this type. (A language barrier prevents me from reading my French documents which may have contained pertinent information.) Much source material is probably buried in the Paris archives, or in the archives of Quebec, two places I was unable to visit. I have tried, however, to get translations of French source materials which might contain appropriate information. I have used secondary sources whenever they fitted the historical context, so as to weave a comprehensive and continuous story of the fort.

From my earliest recollections the French and English conflict in North America has aroused my special interest. It contained the charm and adventure today sought by many who view television westerns. I selected Fort St. Joseph as my thesis topic because it was a Michigan establishment which participated in the French-English conflict.

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