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Master of Arts



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Dr. Lisa DeChano

Second Advisor

Dr. Joseph Stoltman

Third Advisor

Dr. Gregory Veeck

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


The Michigan Gray Wolf Recovery and Management Plan was signed on December 1997, and made residents aware that the population of gray wolves in Michigan would be on the rise. Because the number of wolf-human interactions eventually will increase, it is essential that people are educated about wolves to avoid the stereotyping and misconceptions that often are associated with wolves. A good place to start with this type of education is with children in elementary school.

A teaching trunk was used in two schools, one in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, and one in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Three classrooms from each school were used. The teaching trunk was presented in different ways. Students were given a pre-survey and two post-surveys. Study results determined which portions of the trunk were effective, if the components (the game and the curriculum) were effective as stand alone pieces, and if students retained any of the information presented. This trunk will be given to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources so it can be loaned to teachers across the state.

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Geography Commons