Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Chemical and Paper Engineering


Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging

First Advisor

Dr. Margaret K. Joyce

Second Advisor

Dr. Dan Fleming

Third Advisor

Dr. John Cameron

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The most recent developments in ink-jet papers have been related to coating aμd pigment technology. Silica is the preferred pigment for matte coated ink-jet papers. Besides being expensive, the high surface area and porosity of this pigment limits the percentage coating solids to less than 30-35%, which increases production cost due to higher dryer loads. Thus, a need exists to develop a new generation of pigments. The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of base sheet absorbency on the surface, as well as print properties of matte coated ink-jet papers using a new pigment capable of being prepared at higher solids than currently possible with silica pigment.

The coatings based on the new pigment system, had higher solids with better runnability than the silica based coatings. Sizing was found to have a significant influence on the print quality of the coated papers. Poor ink densities and higher dot areas were obtained for lower sized papers than the higher sized papers. No significant influence on the delta gloss was found between differently sized papers.