As an academic discipline, science education lies at the intersection between science, education, cognitive psychology, and the history, philosophy, and sociology of science. It ranges from concerns about practical teaching techniques to fundamental questions about the content and nature of science and how people learn. We encourage students to become self-reflective about their own learning, in the hope it will empower them to become more independent, intentional thinkers and learners.

Graduate programs in science education were established at Western Michigan University in the early 1960s under the leadership of Dr. George G. Mallinson and other science educators. In 2002 the Science Education program was redesigned as a degree granting institute within the College of Arts and Sciences. It became the Mallinson Institute for Science Education in honor of Professor George G. and Jacqueline Mallinson, both of whom played significant roles in launching, sustaining, and guiding the teaching, research, and public service in science education locally, nationally, and internationally.


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