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This study abroad trip has been one of those “life changing” experiences. My views on poverty, youth development, social justice, (and the list could go on), have manifested. I have always thought about these concepts from a community view, and sometimes from a wider lens such as the U.S. But through learning about the origins and history of the Dominican Republic, its relationship with the transatlantic slave trade and the aftermath, and the culture, my lens has widened again. Especially after the visit to the U.S. Embassy I asked myself, “moving forward, what part of the solution do want to be a part of”? My answer isn’t complete but pursuing a job in the field of global politics is part of the epiphany I had. After my experiences within the D.R. it is hard to believe I’m making real change staying within my bubble of the U.S. or in my local community. I’m seeing how they are connected by multiple nations and countries.