Co-Editor: Jonathan Bush, Western Michigan University
Co-Editor: Erinn Bentley, Columbus State University

Teaching/Writing: The Journal of Writing Teacher Education is a peer reviewed journal focusing on issues of writing teacher education – the development, education, and mentoring of prospective, new, and experienced teachers of writing at all levels. The journal draws from composition studies – writing program administrators, writing across-the-curriculum specialists, and other teaching mentors; English education – including voices from secondary and elementary teacher educators at both the graduate and undergraduate levels; and from teacher educators from K-12 settings -- including leaders and mentors in the National Writing Project and those in high school, middle school, and elementary school English leadership positions.

Call for Submissions: January 2015 Issue

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2 (2014) Fall 2014



Navigating Collaborative Teaching Waters: Professors Go Back and Pre-Service Teachers Move Forward to Embody the Promise of Story
Jill Adams, Kathleen Deakin, Gloria Eastman, Jay Arellano, Andrea Nieto, Eliza Spencer, and Brianne Barber


Co-planning and Co-teaching in a Summer Writing Institute: A Formative Experiment
Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Janine Nieroda, and Bryan Ripley Crandall


Learning to Develop a Culturally Relevant Approach to 21st Century Writing Instruction
Detra Price-Dennis, Molly Trinh Wiebe, and Michelle Fowler-Amato


A “Great Balancing Act:” Becoming Dexterous and Deft with New Literacies Pedagogy
Jill McClay, Shelley Stagg Peterson, and Christine Portier


Writing at School: Test-Prep Writing and Digital Storytelling
Patricia A. Jacobs PhD and Danling Fu PhD