About This Journal

The mission of The Hilltop Review is to introduce graduate students at WMU to the publication process through the submission of their work to a peer-reviewed journal that is edited and produced by their peers. It also affords students an opportunity to participate in the publication process as reviewers and to manage the publication with the support of the Graduate Student Association (GSA), Editorial Board, and select faculty members.

The Hilltop Review includes papers and works of art that, as a result of a rigorous review process, have been identified as notable contributions to their individual fields of study.

The Hilltop Review is being shared with our university community and interested readers beyond our community as both a print journal and an electronic journal that is easily accessible online.

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) has been active in serving as the primary liaison between the university administration and graduate students since its inception on February 11, 1969. One of our primary roles is to provide a forum where graduate students can voice their concerns, issues, and accomplishments, offer suggestions, and share their expertise. Each year we organize a plethora of social events and professional development opportunities and work to advocate for the needs of graduate students as a whole.

The Hilltop Review is a project conceived and sustained by the Graduate Student Association. It offers a sampling of the original and significant findings obtained by graduate students in the course of formulating their theses and dissertations and in completing their coursework in anticipation of these culminating projects. From origin to completion, The Hilltop Review has been directed by Western’s graduate students.